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Flag of Tunisia

Tunisia | National Judicial Training Institute/School

المعهد الدولي لتدريب القضاة

Institut Supérieur de la Magistrature
The Supreme Judicial Institute

14, Taha Houssin Megrine Riadh St., 2014, Bin Arous. Tunisia
Tel.: +216 71 427 400
Fax: +216 71 429 200

About The Supreme Judicial Institute

The Supreme Judicial Institute

The Higher Institute of Magistrates (ISM)is a public administrative establishment, endowed with legal personality, placed under the supervision of the Minister of Justice. ISM is also endowed with financial autonomy, while ISM’s budget is attached by order to the general state budget. ISM is the only establishment in Tunisia which trains magistrates of the judicial and military order as well as advisers in the fields of State and Land Affairs. ISM was established as per the law in 1985. However, ISM became functional on the administrative and educational level only in 1989 as per decree No. 1312, of 05 December 1987 which organized the studies and examinations within ISM’s framework. The provisions of decree No. 1312 are repealed by decree No. 1290/99 of 07 June 1999.

Flag of Tunisia

Tunisia | National Official Representative(s) to EAJTN

The Supreme Judicial Institute
H.E. Judge Dr.

Ahmed Al Yahyaoui

Director The Supreme Judicial Institute

Tel: +21698346403 E-mail:

Mr. Ahmed Yahyaoui, ISM Director General, a third-class judge, with 30 years of professional expertise in magistracy. A professor in criminal proceedings and Judge Ethics at ISM. A specialist in criminal law, he also has expertise in Criminal Law and Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT). Holder of an LLB since 1988 and joined magistracy in 1989, following his success in the national competition for magistracy, as a judge at Tunisia Court of First Instance (at the civil chamber). Exercised, in first class, several judicial tasks mainly that of magistrate at the Real Estate Court, magistrate in the correctional chamber at the Court of First Instance in Tunisia. This phase lasted until 2002 as Deputy Public Prosecutor at Tunis Court of First Instance In second class he took on the task of the criminal chamber advisor, investigating judge at the Court of First Instance of Mannouba (one of the governorates of greater Tunisia). In 2011, he was promoted to third class judge. At the start of his career in third class; that is, the highest level in the Tunisian jurisdictional classification, he held the post of senior investigating judge at the Nabeul Court of First Instance (in Tunisian cape bon). Transferred, while keeping the same function, to the Court of First Instance in Tunis. Then held the post of senior investigating judge at the financial and economic judicial pole under the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance of Tunis. Was then appointed as a Public Prosecutor to the Court of First Instance of Ben Arous (governorate of Ben Arous at a banlieu in Tunis). Attorney General at the Jandouba Court of Appeal (Jandouba Governorate in the North West of the Republic of Tunisia) until having him been appointed in 2019 as the ISM Director General in Tunis. He participated in various seminars and conferences on: • Investigation: the role and responsibility of the Advocate General and the Judicial Bodies in AML/CFT. • Holder of a certificate of competence in the fight against corruption and transnational organized crime and asset recovery following his participation in 2013 in the work of the Regional Workshop for North Africa organized in Algeria. • Money laundering: system and mechanisms of preparation, research and traceability. • Legal protection of the environment. • In 2018, he participated in a study course in Turkey organized by the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Tunisia on experiences in the field of asylum and migration.