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UAE | National Judicial Training Institute/School

معهد التدريب و الدراسات القضائية

معهد التدريب والدراسات القضائية

The Institute of Training And Judicial Studies

The Institute of Training And Judicial Studies University City of Sharjah, UAE
Tel : +971650508111
E-mail : info@ITJS.AE

About The Institute of Training And Judicial Studies, Sharjah, UAE


Sharjah-based Institute of Training and Judicial Studies was established in 1992 as an independent federal authority. It assumes the task of preparing the qualified graduate students of the Sharia and law colleges to take over the judicial occupations.

ITJS organizes study courses for The Judiciary members in the various legal subjects and specialized training courses for preparing and rehabilitating the notary publics, the judicial assistants and advocates. It also holds on-request training courses for the governmental officials whose work is related to law and judicial fields. It is also interested in boosting the scientific research in the legal and judicial fields through encouragement of the specialized legal and judicial studies and work for issuing and publishing the same.

Dubai Judicial Institute

معهد دبي القضائي

The Dubai Judicial Institute

Address: Al Rebat Street, Dubai,United Arab Emirates
P.O.Box : 28552
Tel : +971 4 283 3300
E mail :

About The Dubai Judicial Institute

The Dubai Judicial Institute

The Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) was established by law No. 1 of 1996 issued by HH Ruler of Dubai. The Institute is a public institute exercising in entity the legal capacity to practice and carry out its designated purpose and goals. The Institute is supervised by a Board of Directors (the Board) and a Director General that are all appointed by a decree issued by HH Ruler of Dubai. The Board draws up the Institute’s general policy and the Director General represents the Institute before all bodies inside and outside the UAE. The Institute includes a Scientific Board presided over by the Director General and four members of the teaching staff or those with experience and scientific competence in legal work from outside the Institute. The Scientific Board is concerned with studying and expressing opinion in everything related to the Institute scientific, educational and training affairs and recommending to the Board what it deems appropriate.

The Institute’s administrative body consists of four main departments:

  • Strategic and Corporate Development Department, which undertakes media marketing, developing strategic plans for the administrative and technical structure and overseeing their implementation;

  • Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs, which is entrusted with managing the Institute’s financial and administrative affairs according to government directions;

  • Training and Development Department which is responsible for designing and implementing all legal and judicial qualification and training programs for members of the judiciary and community members; and

  • Knowledge and Publishing Department: which is specialized in providing members of the judiciary and the legal family with the latest legislation and specialized legal journals, and developing scientific research for those working in law and the judiciary.

Strategic Objectives of the DJI:

  1. Qualifying national persons to assume judiciary and public prosecution posts.

  2. Raising the capacity of members of the judiciary and judges’ assistant.

  3. Developing and deepening scientific research in legal and judicial fields.

The Institute continues its generous march, providing the judiciary and the Public Prosecution with hundreds of qualified national persons capable of carrying out judicial tasks upon which they were conferred honestly and competently.

Flag of the United Arab Emirates

UAE | National Official Representative(s) to EAJTN

Mohamed Al Kamali

H.E. Counselor Dr.

Mohamed Al Kamali

Director General of The Institute of Training And Judicial Studies, Ministry of Justice

Tel.: number

Dr Mohammed Mahmoud Al Kamali is General Director of the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He is at the same time has the position of the under Secretary of Minister of Justice. In his capacity as manager of the institute, he is responsible for applying the plan outlined by the scientific board of the Institute and representing the country in the international and local conferences on the Judicial Training and studies and other legal issues. Also, he is lecturing on the institute and on the conferences regarding the latest legal issues such as the Intellectual property and E-crimes. Dr Al-Kamali was appointed as Director of the Judicial Inspection Department in the Ministry of Justice from 2000 to 2002. He supervised the practical training in the University Of UAE in the educational court from 1998 to 2000. He also held the position of the Chief of the Federal Court of First Instance in Al-Ain from 1997 to 2000.Furthermore; he was an Appeal Judge in the Appeal Court of Ajman from 1996 to 1997. He was appointed as a Senior Judicial Inspector in the Ministry of Justice from 1995 to 1996.He worked from 1987 to 1995 as an assistant Judge, in a mandatory state, General Prosecutor in Al-Ain Prosecution. Dr Al-Kamali has finished his PhD in Law from UK in 1995 and his majoring was on Intellectual Property Development in the UAE. He got his Diploma from UK on the International Commercial Law. And he graduated from the college of Sharia and Law, UAE university in1987. Now he is a member in many organizations and societies: Some of them are: A member in a Professional Committee for Amending the System of Patents in the Gulf Co- operation Council (GCC), A member in a Committee for amending Federal Law regarding Industrial Intellectual Property for Patents and Drawings and the Industrial patterns and its Executive Regulations . He is also a member of the National Committee for fighting Money Laundry.

Jamal Al Sumaiti

H.E. Judge Dr.

Jamal Al Sumaiti

Director General of The Dubai Judicial Institute


H.E Judge Dr Jamal Al Sumaiti is one of the UAE’s leading personalities in the judicial field. His extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the country’s judicial and legal system has been instrumental in his appointment to the Dubai Courts in 2005. In 2008, he became the Director-General of Dubai Judicial Institute, in addition to his role as a cassation judge.

Dr Al Sumaiti, who obtained his degree in Law from Dubai Police Academy, also holds a Master’s Degree in international commercial law from Nottingham University and a PhD in maritime law from the University of Wales in the UK, becoming the first judge in the UAE to hold a doctorate in this field. He is a constant legal and judicial contributor in Emirati magazines and newspapers and has published multiple legal and judicial books.

He launched his career by supervising several administrative departments at Dubai Police and its Academy. In 2005, Dr Al Sumaiti set off on his career in the judiciary field when he was appointed as a cassation judge in Dubai Courts before he was assigned as director general of Dubai Judicial Institute in 2008. Moreover, he has been giving lectures on commercial, corporate, and maritime law in many universities and judicial institutes.

Judge Dr Jamal Al Sumaiti was chosen as a member of the Federal Judicial Coordination Council in the UAE, the Supreme Legislation Committee in Dubai, the Saint Joseph University Advisory Board, and the University of Sharjah Advisory Board.

During his tenure, Al Sumaiti represented the UAE in many international conferences and forums, and DJI also organised many international conferences in the legal and judicial fields, especially those relating to artificial intelligence and advanced sciences. He is considered the most prominent person in mastering the advanced sciences pertaining to legal and judicial aspects as well as one of the most prominent lecturers in the subject. He was able to attract and establish numerous partnerships for DJI with major global judicial and educational institutions, which contributed to achieving distinction and exchanging information in the legal and judicial field.

Dr Al Sumaiti has also been bestowed many honours for his unwavering dedication and commitment to the development of the country’s legal and judicial system in Dubai, including the Rashid Award for Excellence in 1999 and 2005, and the Dubai Court’s Excellence Award in 2007.

Asides from reading the books regarding law and administration in his free time, Dr Al Sumaiti enjoys writing articles for various legal, administrative, economic, trade and literary publications. He also enjoys following major international football leagues.

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