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Euro-Arab Judicial Training Network (EAJTN) and Enhancing the Rule of Law

H.E. Judge Dr. Nawal M. Kh. Al-Jawhari

Secretary-General of the Permanent Secretariat of the eajtn
Director of The Judicial Institute of Jordan

Dr.Nawal Al-jawhari

Enhancing the rule of law and respect of law sovereignty is a key element in all judicial training institutes and fundamental instrument by all international agreements and charters, being the cornerstone to building a country of law that derives it’s own legitimacy and authority from the people will, and where all authorities are committed to allow for all legal, judicial, administrative warranties to protect human rights, integrity, and fundamental freedoms . Judicial authority has the an important role to fulfill respect to all mandated human rights warranties and fundamental freedoms , which has been stated by Article 10 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1984, “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.”

Therefore, achieving good judiciary is no longer a key objective of national countries only, but has become a fundamental goal of international cooperation between countries and organization, following the importance of good judiciary as an instrument for enhancing global cooperation between all countries, aiming forward to achieve development goals, maitain security and stability, protect investments, transport and travel movement, and international trade.

Good judiciary can be achieved through providing key instruments of indecency, impartiality, efficiency and competency of judicial authority and judges, being the key instrument of judicial authority to enforce judicial message.

Consequently, the important role of judicial institutes and schools arises to promote qualified human resources to undertake judicial positions, provide continuous education and training for judges. Thus, the idea came to launch a concept to promoting a common cooperation program that encompasses a common ground for training and qualifying judges from different countries through national judicial training institutes and schools.

For this purpose, the Euro-Arab Judicial Training Network was launched as the first of its kind organisation to disseminate common knowledge about judicial and legal systems and cultures, exchange professional expertise, and enhance common use of national and international tools through the common work of Member States towards qualifying and improving it’s own national judicial authorities to help national judicial systems cope with international development in the field, and provide necessary qualification to promote judge’s mission, through advance preparation for judges, which finally contributes to developing the role of judicial institutes. The main objectives of the EAJTN are to enable national judicial training authorities through continuous and direct communication between Member States, make judicial training through EAJTN a key warrant to qualify judges and public prosecutors to maintain their independence and selection based on their competence, which supports the fulfillment of justice and good judiciary in all Member States.


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